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Because every client is unique, we customize each event according to the client’s specific needs, in order to give every event it’s own individual character. Therefore, as a boutique company, we do not have standardized pricing quotes and costs will vary from one event to the next.

Pricing primarily depends on the following factors:

  • Location
  • Guest count
  • Number and types of services requested
  • Intricacy of event design
  • Number of venues used per event
  • Number of events where the planner is needed on site

While it is impossible to give an accurate cost assessment prior to a venue being selected, we do have a process that allows for timely rough estimates. First you will receive a phone consultation and then fill out our extensive wedding vision questionnaire, which will allow us to draft a preliminary estimate. Then, after we begin a more thorough correspondence, to get a better picture of what you envision, we can help you find your perfect event location and give you an accurate quote.