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If you decide to include guests, the perks of a destination wedding pile up even more

QUALITY TIME  One of the most often repeated phrases by couples is that the day flies by so fast they don’t eat anything, hardly remember talking to anyone, and that it all flew by in a blur. With a destination wedding you actually get to spend time with your guests and if incorporating adventure into your itinerary, you get to experience unique challenges with each of them. An adventure getaway allows the opportunity for those close to you to form lifelong bonds with each other, and what better foundation could you possibly have as you begin your marriage? And oh yeah, seeing your Aunt Cathy screaming like a 5 year old as a monkey climbs on her head? Unforgettable.

VACATION FOR GUESTS  In today’s world, most couples have guests traveling from various parts of the country (and world), having made close friends in school and while beginning careers, and odds are the couple’s families are spread out too.  Having a tropical destination rather than a hometown with no appeal to your guests creates a lot more excitement and interest.  Obviously, your guest’s expenses are a consideration in the planning stages, but if they are going to take time off of work and spend money on a flight, hotel, and rental car in your hometown, they would be much happier to make a vacation of it in a tropical destination!

EASY TO GET TO  With direct flights from several cities, Costa Rica is within easy reach of the U.S & Canada. Even though Costa Rica is a small country, there are two international airports, making it easy to get to beach or volcano locations.

SKIP THE FAMILY DRAMA  It’s great if both families are in perfect accord but even if they get along, feelings are bound to get hurt in the decision making process.  Fact is, there are a lot less family conflicts with selecting a destination wedding.  Rather than families haggling over whose hometown is going to host the wedding, whether it is in a church, or the expense of a big city event… all kinds of opinions come out when planning a wedding; you can elect to skip all the drama and hurt feelings by selecting a place that allows you to make decisions that are uniquely yours.

UNIQUENESS  Everyone has photos from their wedding of the first dance, or cutting the cake…you can have those, along with shots of you and your bridal party braving Class III/IV rapids on the Rio Savegre.